Electronics III (Fall 2017)

Riadh Habash: rhabash@site.uottawa.ca
Maryam Alshehab: MALSH032@uottawa.ca

TA: Niloufar Abaei Koupaei: nabae040@uottawa.ca

Office Hours: Open

Times and Locations:

Electronics III

Section   Activity   Time   Location  
ELG4139    LEC 1    Tuesday, 11:30-13:00    E218   
   LEC 2    Friday (13:00-14:30)    E218     
   DGD   Thursday (08:30-10:00)    VNR3035
   LAB    Friday (08:30-11:30)    CBY B302     

Course Progressing:

Date   Activity  
Aim 1   Part 1: Design and Build a Data Acquisition System  
Sep 07   DGD0: Introduction to the Lab; Introduction to Op Amp circuits  
Sep 08   Lab 1: Operational Amplifier Characteristics (Voltage Follower)  
Sep 08   Introduction  
Sep 12   Lecture: Op-Amp Circuits (Lecture Notes 1); Project 1 Theme (10%); IEEE Real World Engineering Projects: Implement!  
Sep 14   DGD1 on Op-Amp Amplifiers (Lecture Notes 1)  
Sep 15   Lab 2: Operational Amplifier Characteristics (Non-inverting Amplifier)  
Sep 15   Lecture Notes 1  
Sep 19   Lecture: Physical Limitations of Op Amp: DC Imperfections  
Sep 21   DGD2; DC Imperfections  
Sep 22   Lab: Introduction to Project (See this Example): Discuss your idea for designing and building a data acquisition system (DAQ) with your TA.  
Sep 22   Lecture Notes 2 (Tutorial on Loading Effect and Differential Amplifier)  
Sep 26   Lecture: Passive Filters (Lecture Notes 4) and (Lecture on Filters)  
Sep 28  

SEMINAR: IEEE Ottawa Section, PELS, RS-PEL, PES, Education Activities, and Algonquin College IEEE Student Branch.

SPEAKER: Dr. Tanya K. Gachovska, Solantro Semiconductor Corp., Ottawa; Si, SiC, and GaN Power Semiconductor Devices – What to Choose?

DATE: September 28, 2017
TIME: Refreshments, Registration and Networking: 18:00; Seminar: 18:30 – 20:00
PLACE: Algonquin College, T-Building, Room T129, 1385 Woodroffe Ave., Ottawa.
PARKING: No fee after 17:00 at Parking Lots 8 and 9 or take the bus 95.

ADMISSION: Free. Registration required.
Please register by e-mail contacting: tgachovska@solantro.com

Sep 29   Lab: Tutorial on Arduino; Submission of Project Proposal (Template) (See this Example)  
Sep 29   Lecture: Active Filters  
Oct 03

Design of Active Filters

Oct 05   DGD4; (Tutorial on Filters)  
Oct 06
Lab: Present your Brief Project Design (Instructions) (Data Acquisition System) (DAQ); Multiplexers; Demultiplexers; Microcontrollers; Isolators  
    Oscillators; Project Work (Instructions)  
Oct 06   Oscillators and Converters  
Oct 10
Oct 12   DGD5: Tutorial on DAQ  
Oct 13   Lab: Project Progress  
Oct 14   Lecture: The 741 Op-Amp Circuit: (DC Analysis); (Small-Signal Analysis)  
Oct 17   Midterm 1 (10%): Write your own midterm and print it; come to the lecture room to answer your questions.  
Oct 19   Test 1 (10%): Review for Test 1; Tutorial 1; Tutorial 2;  
Oct 19  

Project Work Demonstration

Oct 19   Lecture: Introduction to Part 2  
    Part 2: Design and Build an Energy Converter or a Power Supply  
Oct 31
Introduction to Power Electronics; Diodes and Circuits; Diodes and Power Transistors Induction Heater; The Transistor as a Switch  
Nov 02   DGD  
Nov 03   Lab: Project Proposal  
Nov 03   Introduction to Power Electronics; Diodes and Circuits; Diodes and Power Transistors Induction Heater; The Transistor as a Switch  
Nov 07   Diodes and Power Transistors Induction Heater; The Transistor as a Switch; AC to DC Converters  
Nov 09   DGD:  
Nov 10
Lab: Project Progress  
Nov 10   Project Presentations  
Nov 14   DC to DC Converter  
Nov 16   DGD:  
Nov 17
Lab: Project Progress  
Nov 17   Tutorial on DC-DC (Boost) Converter; DGD + DGD  
Nov 21
DC to AC Converters; Utility Applications of Power Electronics  
Nov 23   DGD  
Nov 24   Lab: Project Progress  
Nov 24
Midterm 2 based on this Paper: Focus on subjects related to topics of the course! Print out the paper and write on it the information needed!
The paper and information make your information (cheat) sheet!
Nov 28   Project Entrepreneurial Presentations  
Nov 30   DGD: Test 2 (10%) (Sample)  
Dec 01   Lab: Project Demonstration  
Dec 01   Project Entrepreneurial Presentations  
Dec 05   Project Entrepreneurial Presentations  


Ned Mohan, Power Electronics, Wiley, 2011.

Herrick and Jacob, Power Electronics, Principles and Applications, Delmar Thomson Learning.

M. H. Rashid, Power Electronics: Circuits, Devices, and Applications, Pearson Prentice Hall.

Simulation Exercises Using MULTISIM. Part 1

Simulation Exercises Using MULTISIM. Part 2



Work   Value
Tests    20%
Lab Experiments and Projects    30%
Midterms    20%
Final Exam    40%